Whats the Secret to an Amazing Conversation? (And it’s Not the Words you Say!)

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2 min readJun 5, 2020

No, it’s not the words you say.

A smile.

Smiling is huge, huge, huge in conversation.

Why? Read on…

  1. Lets them know that you are not a threat

When you first meet someone you are trying to subconsciously assess if this person is a threat. A smile lets that person know that ‘hey you’re not a threat’, it is instinctive in each of us to let our guards down when we see this cue.

2. Show yourself in the best light

How would you enter a conversation if you wanted to give a great impression or show your best self? Of course you would smile. So if you enter the conversation this way, you immediately start to feel good because you are living up to your internal standards. A conversation in which you give a great first impression rarely goes badly. Plus, you’re giving the other person the signal ‘hey I’m a great person that you should definitely get to know’.

3. A smile sets the tone for the conversation

The beginning sets the tone for the rest of the conversation. Since this person has never met you before the first few seconds are crucial to their understanding of you. So, smile!

4. A smile signals enjoyment

People want to enjoy themselves so they gravitate towards those who seem like they are.

Remember to smile throughout the conversation as much as you can, especially when the other person is talking. You’ll make them feel great and its a reminder to both of you that you are here to enjoy yourselves.

5. It makes you feel really good!

Lastly, a smile makes you feel really good. The mind impacts the body but the body impacts the mind, a smile can instantly change your state into a good one and hey suddenly you’re are loving the conversation way more!

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