The One Sentence That Changed My Life

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2 min readJul 24, 2019

“Your presence is a gift”.

One of my role models/coach/mentor said this to me and I have never forgotten it.

This sentence can completely change your life if you allow it to.

Most of us walk around thinking that we are not positively impacting those around us. We might feel that barely anyone loves us, that barely anyone likes us, that we are just something people tolerate or perhaps we are even a burden to some people.

Perhaps not in all circumstances, but I know that I was not thinking that my simple presence was a gift to those around me.

When I heard this sentence, I knew it to be true. Why? Because I greatly appreciate the presence of others.

Have you ever been alone for a long period of time, then someone came and sat with you? Did you not feel the strong appreciation that comes from someone’s simple presence?

Why do we live in cities? It is because we all love the presence of so many people. When we walk in the crowd we can tolerate being alone because of the presence of so many others.

I am not saying it’s not possible to feel lonely, it is very possible. However, we appreciate the presence of others. What would life be without others?

In this same vein, our very presence is a gift to those around us.

We are there, our presence is reassuring to them. Our presence comforts them, at the very least.

Sometimes our presence can be so much more to a person, but your presence is a gift to each and every person.

Whenever I am somewhere I remind myself that my presence is a gift. In this day and age in London where people are lonely, being there means something to those people.

When I sit on the train and I hear others conversations or see other people, I appreciate getting the opportunity to experience and see their lives. They feel the same way.

When you know your simple presence can do so much for people, you may not find yourself inclined to spend hours in front of the TV. I feel my evening may be wasted if I just at home, someone out there would have benefited from my presence.

Your presence is a gift and you are appreciated, understand and believe it.

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