The Lesson That Will Change Your Life

Deeper Events
2 min readMar 5, 2020

We all have fears. Your fears are unique. Maybe you fear public speaking, or you fear speaking to that attractive person or you fear standing up for yourself. We all have fears.

These fears come from the feeling that by engaging in that activity we might lose something, we might lose the respect or admiration of others. We might present ourselves in a way that we don’t want.

Heres the reality: you have already lost. You are already dead. Life is but a moment and you are already gone. Every day that goes by you are getting closer to your death. There is absolutely nothing for you to lose.

You are already lost.

In fact, by fully embracing the fact that we will die, by seeing that there is nothing to be lost, we are already lost, we can fully embrace the moment. We can take more risks.

Through the risk taking, through the letting go, we actually start to taste what real life is like. Life is lived on the other side of fear. It’s waiting for you. What are you waiting for?

Life is fear

Life is struggle

Life is courage

Life is confusion

Life is seeking


To deeply


To follow your journey

Your truth

Never give up

On Your instinct

Life is calling you

To be


To be

Absolutely free



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