Morning Ritual to Get the Life You Desire

If you start off the day the right way, good things will follow.

You can never underestimate the power of a morning routine, because the way you think and feel in the morning can determine the course of the whole day.

By thinking certain thoughts and doing certain activities it boosts your energy, good feelings and overall health. In the long-term this results in your steady progress and success.

You are what you repeatedly do.

If you practice a success, loving, abundant, grateful mindset in the morning overtime this results in all the results you could ever want in your life.

Here is the truth: there is a certain way of thinking, of doing, that will create success and happiness in your life. While other ways of thinking and doing do not do this. It is by design that you start thinking and doing in different ways to achieve new and better results in your life.

It is very important the day starts off on the right foot, the best foot. In the morning you should be filled with good feelings of gratitude, laughter and self-love and watch your life transform.

1. Gratitude

The single most important factor of being happy, successful, attracting everything you want and getting the life you desire if the amount of gratitude that you feel.

Most people wake up feel ungrateful. They might be thinking negative thoughts about the day ahead of the day before that one.

Just know, if you are feeling grateful you are experiencing one of the best emotions that life has to offer and will speed what you want to you.

To practice gratitude in the morning as soon as you wake up say “Thank you”. Then as you get out of bed, as your feet hit the floor, say “Thank you”. Then say “Thank you” as you are brushing your teeth. Say “Thank you” a hundred times as you are getting ready.

You might not feel it at first, but after a few ‘thank you’s you do actually start to feel that there are things to be grateful for. The act of being grateful in itself will make you feel good. Do this every day and it will totally transform your life.

You could do gratitude affirmations as an alternative that can be found on YouTube, you could try this one.

Tony Robbins has a fantastic gratitude meditation that he does every morning that can be found here.


Ideally, as soon as you wake up there should be a big smile on your face. If you are living the life of your dreams, how else would you wake up?

Even if your not living the life of your dreams, just knowing that one day you will be, that is enough reason to smile.

If you start the day with a smile it reminds your body and mind that each day you live is a gift. You have been given this beautiful day as a gift to you, for you to enjoy. It shows appreciation for this day in your life.

By smiling, your body starts to product good-feelings too.

The more you feel good, the more life will give to you.

Smile as you wake up and smile during your whole morning. You might look like an idiot but just try it.

3. Positive, Future-focused Thoughts

The morning is the time to bring to mind all the good things that are in your life. The people that inspire you, the things you are looking forward to.

Every time you might think of something negative, notice it, release it and say “thank you for this thought. Please give me a better one”. You are the master of your thoughts; they are not the one controlling you. Control your mind like it is a child. It has been untamed for too long.

Release the negative thought and replace it with a positive one. For example, if you are thinking about a current unwanted situation, replace that image with something you rather have. If you don’t like your job, instead imagine having a job you enjoy. Imagine being in that relationship you want. Imagine having those friends. You get what you think about. So think about what you want more and less what you don’t want.

4. Self-Love

So many people do not love themselves. A lack of self-love will keep you back from achieving all the things you want and being happy. The only love that truly matters if the love you have for yourself.

Start the day with self-love affirmations. This one I have found to be amazing.

Praise yourself for what you have done so far today and what you will do. Continually praise yourself.

5. Affirmations

As we often think negative thoughts, those negative thoughts get into our subconscious, literally program us and create our reality.

You have to reprogram your subconscious. The way to do this is to repeat positive affirmations. Every morning repeat affirmations about who you are.

You can find a great list of positive affirmations here.

Affirmations that I myself use are for example:

‘Everyday in every way my life is getting better and better and better’

‘Everything is always working out for me’

‘I learn from every experience in my life’

‘Life is always giving to me’

Find your own and repeat them every morning.

6. Yoga

A lot of our negative thoughts and feelings get stored in our body. We may not notice these tensions in our body consciously but subconsciously they are affecting the way we feel and bring down our energy and bringing negative thoughts into our mind.

Through yoga we release these negative tensions and bring greater harmony, happiness and positivity into our lives. I cannot stress enough how great yoga is for this.

You can do a short yoga session in the morning or even the evening, a great one I have found is here.

7. Laughter

Laughter is ultimate healer of everything. Proper laughter makes everything bad go away. All negative thoughts, feelings disappear with laughter.

Do laugher exercises and meditation.

Try to live with people who bring your laughter and joy into your life every day. Try to engage with those types of people every day.

Try to laugh at everything. When things go wrong, laugh. Laughing will benefit you, worrying and stressing will not.

How has having a morning ritual benefitted your life? Comment below.

If you found this useful and think someone could benefit, please share it with them!

Have an incredible day.

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