If You Understand This, You’ll be Successful

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2 min readJul 14, 2019


What do you take seriously?

For most people, if you work, you take your work seriously.

This means you show up on time, you follow the rules, you try to do your best and you encourage others to do the same.

Why do we take work so seriously? Because its our survival (for some of us).

Some of us would never think twice to do anything wrong at work.

The rules at work may as well be written on stone and result in our whipping if we don’t do them, we take it so seriously.

Most would say work is important to them.

But, what is more important than work?

What is the most important thing of all?

Your Life.

Yet, how many of us take our lives seriously?

How many of us truly respect the gift we have been given and utilise it to its full potential and advantage?

Do we give ourselves rules in our lives?

Why is it ok to wake up early for work, but not have the same standards for the rest of our life?

Why is it ok to have rules for our work, but not for the way we live?

See our life is far more important than our work. The way show up in our life matters more than work. Our life is greater than work. Our life is what we have been given, our work is just one aspect inside of our lives. It’s important for us to find our values and therefore our rules for our lives. To live in such a way that we have defined for ourselves.

That means the way you show up is important.

That means the time you show up is important.

That means while you’re alive, live! Don’t spend hours watching TV or watching youTube videos, start doing that thing that you’ve always wanted to do, try something new.

Understand that your life is a precious gift, go out there and live it.

Beautiful moments, feelings, experiences that you never dreamt off await you if you just believe they exist (trust me they do!).

Once your take your life as most serious thing you do, you’ll find ultimate success.

Life awaits you, what are you waiting for?

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