Most of us are searching for ways to feel good.

Maybe yoga, meditation, exercise, healthy food? But, you still feel that something is missing, that you could feel better?

The reason that none of this works is because of one issue.

They don’t target the source.

The source of…

Interested in making a deeper connection with someone that you may have just met? Here are some practical ways to connect with someone on a deeper level.

  1. Practice “active listening”. People are attracted to good listeners! Active listening involves demonstrating concern, using non-verbal cues which show understanding such as nodding…

We all have fears. Your fears are unique. Maybe you fear public speaking, or you fear speaking to that attractive person or you fear standing up for yourself. We all have fears.

These fears come from the feeling that by engaging in that activity we might lose something, we might…

“What are you gonna do for 2 hours?” my colleague asked me incredulously as the teacher indicated I could leave and take a 2 hour lunch.

The question filled me with wonder and I really felt that just that sentence alone describes the distinction between how some people think and…

Deeper Events

Truth. Connection. Life. Running events for people to connect in a meaningful way. We also love pineapples.

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